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We regularly publish articles on major legal developments in China and the Asia Pacific region. 

The following articles are a snapshot of what we have published over the last few months, and are available for immediate download.  

Please contact us for access to our complete knowhow database.

 2015 - 18

China Issues New Data Protection Standard (16 Feb 2018)

China's Supreme People's Court Issues Top 10 Cases For 2017 (12 Feb 2018)

MMLC's February 2018 China Update

MMLC Insight:China Issues New Personal Information Security Standard (2 Feb 2018)

World Intellectual Property Review: Chinas tech plans disrespect IP rights, says US commerce secretary (26 Jan 2018)

MMLC's January 2018 China Update

MMLC's December 2017 China Update

MMLC Insight: China's NDRC Solicits Opinions for Enterprise Outbound Investment Regulations (1 December 2017)

MMLC Insight: China Focuses on Bad Faith Enterprise Names (17 November 2017)

MMLC Insight: China Amends its Law Against Unfair Competition (17 November 2017)

MMLC's November 2017 China Update

MMLC Insight: China's Cloud Computing Regulations (November 2017)

MMLC Insight: China's Transfer Pricing Rules (November 2017)

MMLC Insight: China's New Domain Name Administration Rules (11 October 2017)

MMLC's October 2017 China Update

MMLC Insight: China Issues New Measures to Handle Online Security Threats and Attacks (25 September 2017)

MMLC Insight: China's SAIC Issues Second Draft of Proposed Amendments to its Law Against Unfair Competition (14 September 2017)

MMLC Insight: China's Supreme Court Clarifies Shareholders' Rights to Know Under the PRC Company Law (7 September 2017)

The New EU/China Bilateral Agreement on Geographical Indications (4 September 2017)

MMLC's September 2017 China Update

MMLC's Matthew Murphy Looks at Aspects of China's Current Data Protection Laws (1 September 2017)

MMLC's Xia Yu Looks At China's Recent Audit of Data Protection Methods by Major Applications (1 September 2017)

MMLC's Fei Dang Looks at the New China Employment Arbitration Rules (30 August 2017)

MMLC's Yu Du Looks at how Chinese Courts are Dealing with Bad Faith Trademark Filings in China (August 2017)

MMLC's Sarah Xuan Looks at Parallel Imports in China and the Ballantine's Case (August 2017)

MMLC's Xia Yu Looks at the Legal Action Against OFO - China's Little Yellow Bike Company (August 2017)

MMLC's Fei Dang Looks at the Beijing IP Court's Tiffany Decision (August 2017)

MMLC's Fei Dang Looks at the Recent Fendi Infringement Case (July 2017)

MMLC's Xia Yu Looks at SIPO's New Fast Track Patent Examination System (July 2017)

MMLC's August 2017 China Update

MMLC's Matt Murphy to lecture at the China Law Society's International Law Training Summit in July 2017

MMLC July 2017 China Update

Hong Kong is emerging as a Belt and Road legal and dealmaking hub (July 2017)

China Looks at Export of Data Issues - Invites Comments (June 2017)

MMLC's June 2017 China Update

MMLC's Matt Murphy Speaks at the China Fresh Produce Forum 2017

China's Privacy and Data Protection Laws as at 6 June 2017

MMLC's May 2017 China Update

MMLC's April 2017 China Update

Draft Amendments to China's Unfair Competition Law Issued (March 2017)

MMLC's March 2017 China Update

MMLC's February 2017 China Update

MMLC Insight: Oral Hearings for China Trademark Matters On the Cards (February 2017)

MMLC Insight - Amendments to the China Trademark Examination and Trial Standards (January 2017)

MMLC's January 2017 China Update

The Protection of Fonts in China

China's Supreme Court Looks at Michael Jordan's Chinese Brand

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer Alumni Wins China Award

China's New Foreigner's Work Permit Classification System

Getting the Deal Through 2017 - Product Recall in China - MMLC's Ellen Wang an Yu Du

MMLC's December 2016 China Update

MMLC's Matt Murphy Wins China Award - November 2016

MMLC's Matt Murphy and Yu Du Look at China's Transfer Pricing Regulations

MMLC's November 2016 China Update

China's CTO Allows SIPO Mark Application by a Squatter

MMLC's October 2016 China Update

China's New Foreign Investment Procedures

MMLC's September 2016 China Update

MMLC's August 2016 China Update

MMLC's July 2016 China Update

The Land Rover Copycat Case Takes a Turn - Financial Times quoting MMLC's Matthew Murphy

MMLC Insight: Jaguar Land Rover Launches a Copyright Infringement Action in China

MMLC's June 2016 China Update

China's Supreme Court Issues New Provisions on Court Appointed Experts for IP Cases

May 2016 China Update

MMLC Looks at China's Employment Law

MMLC Looks at Merger Controls Under Chinese Law

MMLC Looks at Developments in OEM Trademark Issues in China

China May Combine Competition Law Regulators

China Issues Draft Auto Sector Anti-Trust Guidelines

The Right to Publicity in China

MMLC's April 2016 China Update

A Commentary on the Draft New Law Against Unfair Competition - 11 March 2016

China Issues Draft Guidelines of Cartel Leniency - March 2016

China Contractual Disputes - Resolution Options - 10 March 2016

March 2016 - China Issues Draft New Law Against Unfair Competition for Comment

MMLC's March 2016 China Update

MMLC's February 2016 China Update

MMLC's January 2016 China Update

MMLC's December 2015 China Update

MMLC Insight: Protection of IP Licensees in China

Managing Intellectual Property - MMLC looks at compulsory licensing of IP in China

MMLC's November 2015 China Update

MMLC Insight: China Transfer Pricing October 2015

AIPLA IP & Antitrust Update October 2015

China's New Advertising Law

China's New Food Safety Law

MMLC's October 2015 China Update

Online Payment Systems Regulations in China

China Competition Law Issues for Intellectual Property Licensing

MMLC's September 2015 China Update

MMLC's August 2015 China Update

China's National Security Regulations

Latest China Trademark Cases

The Protection of Industrial Designs in China, Hong Kong and Australia

Grace Periods for Filing Patent Applications in China

MMLC's July 2015 China Update

Use of the R in a Circle Trademark Registration Symbol in China

Developments in China Environment Law

China's NDRC to Issue Price-Focused Competition Rules Involving IP Transactions

Draft Amendments to China's Copyright Law

Draft Amendments to China's Patent Law

MMLC's June 2015 China Update

Elimination of Tax-related Administrative Approvals in China

MMLC's May 2015 China Update