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Recently Published Articles and Books by MMLC

Getting the Deal Through publishes MMLC's China chapter on Cloud Computing - 20 November 2018 [read here]
MMLC's Yu Du Looks at China's New Internet Court Rules - 18 September 2018 [read here]
MMLC's Yu Du Looks at Unjustified Threat Actions in Patent Infringmement Matters in China - 31 August 2018 [read here]
MMLC's Fei Dang Looks at the China Trademark Office's Recent Practice Note on Use Evidence in Non-Use Cancellation Actions - 15 August 2018 [read here]
MMLC's Xia Yu Looks at China's New Draft Ordinance of Cybersecurity Level Protection - 8 August 2018 [read here]
MMLC's Fei Dang Looks at A Recent Plant Variety Rights Infringement Case, Involving a Record Damanages Award - 3 August 2018 [read here]
Getting the Deal Through has published Chinese Patent Law by MMLC's Matt Murphy and Xia Yu  - 1 June 2018: 
MMLC's Fei Dang Looks at a Recent Beijing IP Court Decision on Trademark Comparison Rules laid down by the Beijing Higher Court - 31 May 2018 [read here]

MMLC's Yu Du Looks at an April Decision of the Supreme Court
Regarding OEM Trademark Infringement Cases - 17 May 2018 [read here]
Technology Law: China’s State Council Issues Trial Working Measures for Outbound Transfer of Intellectual Property Rights - 19 April 2018 [read here]

Privacy Law: The EU's GDPR and China - 13 April 2018 [read here]

IP law: China Patent Law 2018 - 13 April 2018 [read here]

Privacy Law: China's New Data Protection Standard - 2 April 2018 [read here]

Dispute Resolution: China's Supreme Court Issues Top Case List - 19 March 2018 [read here]
IP Law: China Patent Litigation Roundup - 10 March 2018 [read here]
Technology Law: China Product Recall Regulations 2018 - 1 March 2018 [read here
Trade Law: China Transfer Pricing Issues 2018 - 28 February 2018 [read here]