Recent News and Updates 

MMLC's Fei Dang Reviews the CTO's New Practice Note on Use Evidence 
in Trademark Non-Use Cancellation Actions - 15 August 2018 [read here]
MMLC's Xia Yu Looks at China's New Draft Cybersecurity Ordinance - 8 
August 2018 [read more]
MMLC's Fei Dang Looks at China Plant Variety Rights Infringement 
Litigation and a Recent Record Damages Award - 3 August 2018 [read more]
MMLC's August China Update - 1 August 2018 [read more]
MMLC ranked highly for China trademarks, copyright and patent matters by
Asian Legal Business - 5 June 2018 [read more]
MMLC's June China Update is out - 4 June 2018 [read more]
MMLC's Xia Yu has had her chapter on Chinese Patent Law published by 
Getting the Deal Through - 1 June 2018 [read more]
MMLC's Matt Murphy Quoted by WIPR in "The World's Factory of 
Counterfeits" - 15 May 2018 [read more]
MMLC's Matt Murphy Quoted by the AFP Feature on China Hi-Tech 
"China's 'makers' battle mistrust in hi-tech community" - 24 April 2018
[read more]
MMLC's Sarah Xuan and Matt Murphy Look at China's New Trial Measures 
for the Outbound Transfer of IP - 19 April 2018 [read more]
MMLC's Matt Murphy Gets "Best Lawyers" Nod for Australian Corporate 
and IT Law - 12 April 2018 [read more]